LooseyGoosey Thursday

January 10, 2008


Wow! I almost forgot it was LooseyGoosey Thursday until I sawDoug had a new sketch up for it. I’m putting up a couple more pictures out of my Moleskine Sketchbook. I hope Brother Don hasn’t forgotten about this…

The Comments

Don Jones

How could I forget it when I didn’t even know it? I much prefer the Theologikal Thursday slant. It appears you are going to burn right through that new sketch book Den. Pace yourself man. You’re a PACER… act like one.

Dennis Jones

…hey, ya gotta burn thru a sketchbook before you get tired of it and start wanting a new different one …otherwise it will end up on a shelf with all the other unfinished sketchbooks you own…

Don Jones

Yes, indeed. I just had a thirty minute power nap. I’m good for another thirty minutes!

Doug Jones

had to umplug my computer this afternoon cuz of a giant red blob on the weather radar that showed lightning and TORNADIC activity right in my front yard! Now that I am back on.. I see I have almost missed out on loosey goosey Thursday… drat….

Dennis Jones

…well Doug, there’s always next weeks Loosey Goosey Thursday… see what happens when none of us will make a decision… we wind up with Loosey Goosey Thursday for a name instead of something more intelligent sounding like Thuper Art Thursday… when will we ever learn?


Greetings! This is one of my daily stops for fun and exciting things to see! I have what might be a strange question…maybe. What sort of color palette are you using for these paintings? I really dig the colors and all. I use the Moleskin sketchbooks but haven’t tried the watercolor sketchbook yet. I think the art store will really like me this weekend. Thanks again for sharing.

Dennis Jones

Hi Mike… since it is December and I live in Northeastern Indiana and it’s really cold and windy up here, I’m inside my nice warm house and using the same palette of gouache paints that I use on everything else… you can find the complete list of colors I use HERE. Basically white, orange, and burnt sienna for the flesh tones and black, burnt umber and maybe a little blue for the rest… I know, I know, you’re not supposed to use black because it will kill the color in your painting… but… I’m in a hurry to get to these done before I lose interest…

Don Jones

I got half way through your comment Den and my eyes gave out…