Back From LA

October 16, 2007


Brother Dennis, reporting back in for duty. I’ve been in Los Angeles since last Thursday. While there, we used one of those global positioning satellite (GPS) dealies. What amazing little gadgets those are! We drove all over LA with no problem.

The Comments

Don Jones

Den, you are living on the edge – visiting L.A. and all. Glad to hear the GPS got your navigation all in order. But the question at hand is… did you see any stars?

Dennis Jones

…Los Angeles is truly a strange and mysterious place… a bountiful land full of fruits and nuts… I did my best to fit in…

Jason Bourne

Cool. LA LA Land. I need to get the GPS thing too.

Doug Jones

A friend visited me recently with one of them gizmos in his car. You can choose what voice you want to listen to. His choice was the British girl. It was fun to have British girl tell you when to turn and what road to take. Spiffing!


Ah, if only you had made it up to the northern part of my fair state, we could have gotten together, and done something other than wearing strange hats. After looking at this strange photo, I’m left wondering, did you join some strange cult while you were down there?


So that’s what happened to my portfolio!

Jason Bourne

It would be awesome if the GPS had famous voices like C-P30, Darth Vader or Chuck Norris…