March 17, 2008


We’re going to be in Louisiana for a bit this week. That might adversely affect the recent, “everyday painter” mode I’ve been in. I’m not sure if they have this newfangled internets deal down in Louisiana, but if they do I will try to continue on with this “new picture every day” hot streak.

The Comments

Don Jones

Have fun “down under”… Speakin’ of New Orleans… I’ve got my Dr. John ticket ready and waiting for next week’s concert here in town. Right place… wrong time.

Jason Bourne

Oh when the Saints go marching in. Sounds like fun. Great eyebrows!

Jon Slone

Gee its a bird! big woo! Where’s my drummer!!!!!!!


Really funny design! Nice painting too.

Happy Easter

March 23, 2008


We got back home from Louisiana yesterday, surprisingly with no problems considering all the flooding and snowing that was taking place in the midwest… just one slight delay in Chicago… which I slept through… so no big deal.

The Comments

Don Jones

Happy Easter back at you we have a few chocolate eggs around the house today… Looking forward to a big Easter lunch and a nap.

Hey, I Won Something!

May 21, 2008


I just returned from my oldest son’s wedding in Baton Rogue, Louisiana and found an attractive red box sitting on my doorstep. Inside was a Platinum Book Award for the Read With Me Bible I did back in the early 90’s. It has officially sold over a million copies and apparently you get a heavy chunk of leaded crystal to prove it. Being a hockey player, I immediately strapped on a pair of inline skates, hoisted the trophy over my head and skated it around our neighborhood.

The Comments

Don Jones

WOO HOO!!! That will look awesome in the Brother Jones Indy trophy case. Congratulations!

Doug Jones

the trophy is OK, I guess…. but that box is FANTASTIC!

Jason Bourne

Congrats. Thats pretty cool… Can never have enough trophies.

Dennis Jones

Don Jones

Where’d you get that jersey? VooDoo Mart?

Doug Jones

I am imagining thunderous applause from the squirrels and rabbits as you skated through your neighborhood…

Don Jones

And a walking ovation from a few deer…


Congratulations! You must be rich with all those royalties from all those sales coming in. Donald Trump must be envious of the fortune you’ve amassed.

Jason Bourne

Nothing like a victory stance with a silver hand…

Doug Jones

I’m glad to see from your picture that you did not get the big head from receiving this award. hey, point up into the sky and say “de plane… de plane… ”

Dennis Jones

…unfortunately, I tripped right after this picture was taken and two squirrels and an armadillo were injured…

Dan Lietha

So now it becomes the “Bleed with me Bible”? Congrads Dennis!


WOW, a Gretzky pose and the tongue hanging out of the mouth like Jordan…yep, you’re the man. Congrads D


Hey, I helped you win that award! I’m one of those million buyers! Congratulations! My kids and I have really enjoyed it!


Congrats on that! I, too, am one of the million. I don’t have kids, though—just love the illustrations.

Bucky Jones

Dennis, congratulations!!!

Emily Albright

Dennis, We love this Bible! Isaac is using it for his Quiet Time right now, and he loves it! Congrats!