Airport Antenna

November 21, 2008


OK… this is just to let you know how stupid I am and perhaps to give you a helpful hint in case you don’t know this either.

I recently switched from a slow, dial-up internet connection, to a high speed, wireless system. It works great on our laptops, (full bars) but it has never worked worth beans on my Mac G-5 Power PC (maybe one bar). Sometimes internet pages loaded as slowly as they did on dial-up.

Today I was struggling to listen to a radio station in Dallas over the internet and it kept buffering and cutting out, so I fired up my laptop and there was absolutely no problem streaming it at all. The problem had to be with my G-5.

I got out the owners manual and discovered that the metal box the G-5 is encased in pretty much blocks out a wireless signal and you have to plug a little external antenna (which is included) into the back of it to receive the signal.

I went into the attic, found the box the computer came in, opened it, and much to my surprise, found the little antenna. I plugged it in and all of a sudden I have FULL BARS and a great internet connection! HooHOO!

The Comments

Doug Jones

NO!!! Don’t tell me you read the manual! Dennis, I am SO disappointed in you! So… are you now zipping around the internets?

Dennis Jones

…it’s making my head spin…

Don Jones

Now you’ve done it. What exactly is in your FULL BARS? Hopefully you are only stocking Dr. Peppers and Mtn. Dew.