BlueBear ColorBear

September 17, 2007


This weekend the 1933 version of King Kong with Fay Wray was on TV so I watched it. What a hoot! The claymation special effects are great and those close up shots of Kong’s face are priceless.

The Comments

Don Jones

I checked my local listings and apparently King Kong was only on Kable. I can’t quite stomach watching the CHiefs anymore. What are we looking at up there in the illustration and inset? Blues first and then a colored rendition?

Doug Jones

Hey… how do you like the way our (Titans) field kicks up as you run on it. It’s like special effects.

Dennis Jones

1) …yes, King Kong was on the classic movie channel…
2) …and, yes, the Chiefs stink…
3) …I’m still just experimenting, trying to find my voice in the computer coloring world…
4) …yes, that is one fine, special effects field the Titans have… they always play Indie a good game…

Doug Jones

We came close… but no cigar.

Jason Bourne

Tubular! He would make a great Star Fox character. And I wish Pixar would make it into a movie.


Looks like it’s easy to add the colors when the image is only 112×146. I like the smiling determination on his face.

Doug Jones

I always liked the original KK. It was state of the art movie making at the time. It was the favorite movie of Bill Gaines, publisher of Mad magazine. For his birthday one year, the artists made a life-sized Kong head and put it outside his window (lookin in) in his NYC office. He loved it.

Dennis Jones

…oops …I was just looking at this picture and realized I forgot to put the other ear on this bear…