Mini Sewing Machine

January 5, 2010


Karen got me a tiny little sewing machine for Christmas, this is the very first thing I sewed with it and, needless to say, I’m pretty darn proud of it…

The Comments


Nice.You’ll be the next Jim Henson and have your own shows.

Don Jones

If I am reading between the lines here, Karen got sick and tired of you messing up her machine. Am I right?

Dennis Jones

…nope, I’ve never run any kind of a sewing machine in my life… you would never know it looking at my first try though…

Doug Jones

I think we could sell those things! Just give it a snazzy name and put it it the BroJo store @ $9.99 each.

Dennis Jones

…and that would be the one and only thing you could find for sell in our current Brother Jones Store…

Don Jones

I’m thinking it has to be trendy and cutting edge… how about iSewn, the finger-tip massager?

Doug Jones

darn… I had a great comment that disappeared! I must have answered the question wrooonng

Dan Lietha

I’ve been waiting for a Dennis Jones report on your fantasy football results for this season. Many weeks ago you said I should stick with QB Matt Schaub and I took your advice … and I WON the championship game in my league! So some credit for this successful season for me goes to assistant coach Jones. You can come down to Kentucky and pick up your award anytime.

Dennis Jones

…hooHOO! Congratulations! Schaub is an awesome fantasy quarterback… and not bad in real life, either.

…3 teams (me being one of them) in my league had the best records going into the playoffs of 9-4. Unfortunately one was in my division and beat me during the season, so they went to the playoffs while I played in the consolation tournament (which I won). So the winner of our league ultimately had an 11-4 record and I came in 5th place with an 11-4 record…

…will the Vikings falter at the end of the season as usual? Can the Colts turn it back on after turning it off for 4 weeks? …should be an interesting postseason…


Your sewing project is sooo, Pink and very,,,,, wow look at the time..

Don Jones

Dennis is all about color coordination.
Pink is the new black. I don’t know the meaning of that but have heard in the halls.


think of that pink thingy as abstract art and you may have something.