Rat Terrier

April 2, 2009


My apologies to anyone who owns a rat terrier because this doesn’t look anything like a rat terrier… but it does kinda look like a rat, so in my book, it’s a rat terrier.

One of the many advantages of creating on a computer is that you can always give it another go if you’re not happy with your first attempt. Unless you flatten your image, you can always go back in time and try it again… just like on LOST.

The Comments

Don Jones

I see the Rat Terrier is sporting the official Brother Jones doo.

Bucky Jones

Our first dog as a kid (back in the early 60’s) was a rat terrier, Chico….a feisty little dog who ultimately lost a fight with a motorcycle. I said he was feisty…not smart.___Great art, as always, Dennis.

Dennis Jones

…we had a rat terrier named Moo, and she was a feisty little dog, also… she lost a fight with a dog 3 times her size but survived that… then lost a fight with a coyote but survived that… smarts don’t seem to run real deep in the rat terrier gene pool…

Doug Jones

… and loved that bubble gum!

Dennis Jones

…well, there’s no denying that dog loved to party when we were out of the house…

Doug Jones

so is the orange/blue one the second attempt? I like it best.

Dennis Jones

…well, all I was doing here was experimenting with technique… the blue one has saturated color slopped all over it and the second one was painted on top of a brown base color… the blue one is looser, and thats always more interesting to look at than a tightly rendered piece I think…


I enjoy the pic with the blue background, it shows the Rat Terrier more and the other example is a bit too Orange, the Terrier matches with the background and you lose some of the detail. But for the record they’re both great examples of tight vs. loose. Thanks Den, love your work!

Alan Anderson

I like the blue version with the contrast between dog and background. I love the expressions you put on your characters. Since discovering your work you have become one of my favorite artists.

Dennis Jones

…thanks Zaz & Alan… it seems your votes combined with Doug’s have formed a unanimous, consensus pick. Blue wins! Congratulations Blue. SIDENOTE: Blue also won Miss Congeniality.


Hello Dennis- Your little church video using the Flip is great but how/what do you use to edit/convert to ? and upload with no sponsors? Mine look good while still in iMovie and/or Quicktime but get grainy when uploaded to video handlers.


As good as you’ve gotten in the digital painting realm, I wonder how you’d fare with Corel Painter at this point?