August 2, 2007


I built this little guy just before heading to Romania to help coordinate an International World Changers project.

The Comments


I think little dude needs Iodine in his diet. It could help the goiters, or you could name him Marty Feldman…


Thats outragously kool. He would fit right in the world of Monsters Inc.

Doug Jones

That wasn’t me…

Doug Jones

I think I have several of these guys living under my bed…


Wow this may be my favorite yet with it’s multi-limbs, stripey earlobes and puffy lips! Looks more like a World Devourer than a World Changer though. World Devourers probably isn’t a Southern Baptist endorsed group. But I could be wrong.

Dennis Jones

…we had over a hundred participants at this years World Changers project and this is pretty much what I looked like every time I stepped up to the microphone to say something…