Back From Aferkah

July 1, 2008


I saw some hippos in Africa… they looked like this… well, something like this… except they weren’t green… or furry… and I don’t think they had spots… but other than that, this is pretty much exactly what they looked like…

The Comments

Doug Jones

Hey… welcome back! This looks EXACTLY like a hippo to me. I saw one the other day in my backyard. Say… have you seen my glasses?

Dennis Jones

…I’m pretty sure I got the horns right…

Doug Jones

Will you be having a special slide show of your missionary trip to Aferka with a Love offering taken up at the end?

Jason Bourne

Hey welcome back to the USA. Nice, and nice background.

Cory Wasson

This doesn’t look like a dragon to me…. I saw the one you drew in february and was utterly disappointed. Completely Emasculated. I want fury and destruction, not malnourished and feeble. The Hippo was cool though. Well done sir.


Dennis, Welcome back! I’ve been going crazy at work because you and your brothers are the only ones I know of that run active (respond) blogs! I was almost forced to start drawing myself with all th espare time I’ve had. Any misquito bites?

Don Jones

Glad you asked Bernard, Last night as I was painting my deck I was pretty much consumed by mosquitoes. Bites upon bites. Nothing that about a gallon of DEET wouldn’t fend off. My kidneys went into overdrive trying to filter the soaked in poison bug killer spray.

Dennis Jones

…Cory, the dragon is coming… I did, after all, enter into a binding legal contractual agreement to do one for you, so there is no way out for me… it will be later in July before it magically appears tho… glad you made it back ok… sounded like there was a bit of trouble with flights on the return trip…

Cory Wasson

It was incredibly miserable. Perhaps my agony on the trip could inspire u to draw a small feeble boy huddled in a ball of blankets on a plane shivering and downing a plethora of medicines. It was that bad. But i’m home now, and I’m almost eating food again, so its all good. The trip was wonderful though, even the last part couldn’t taint my memory of the time we had.


Are those candy canes sprouting from his head?