Mount Paran Final Photos

May 25, 2007

MtParanLR1MtParanLR2MtParanLR3Last weekend was the grand opening of Bible Land at Mount Paran Church in Atlanta, Georgia, and the good folks there were kind enough to fly me down to be a part of it. I’ve been working with Little Mountain Productions to create wall art for church interiors, and this is our first collaboration together. The artwork used was all from my See With Me Bible that is published by Zondervan.

These are the walls in the great room. I particularly liked how the doors in the room were a continuation of the artwork.

The Comments

Doug Jones

I was looking at the last photo and the thought occurred to me… it would be great if they had some scratch and sniff things to go along with those animals. It would enhance the whole ark experience…

Don Jones

That is simply great looking. Did they create that Bible Land logo? Was that illustration also a direct pick-up from the See With Me?

Dennis Jones

…yep …the logo illustration was an art pull from the Bible…

Felipe B. Vancin, 22 anos, brasileiro, designer

Hi, D.Jones, I wait that it reads. I am Brazilian, I am in the last year of the college of design, I am developing my project of course conclusion, that is Biblical personages for children. It would like to say that I admire you very, the little time I bought its illustrated bible here in Brazil, would very like one day to be able to know you, therefore I am your fan. I adore all its drawings, I am Christian and I never knew Biblical drawings with as much sensitivity as you he makes. I very learned in its site and blog, but if it will be able to send me any type of material that can help me in my project, ours, would be the maximum! I can say that I am a better ilustrador due to you. A great one I always hug, that God blesses you very! it forgives the English, sincerely, Felipe B. Vancin.

Don Jones

Hello Felipe! Isn’t Brazil south of Arkansas?

Dennis Jones

Hello Felipe… thanks for your kind comments… I hope to see your artwork someday!