Mount Paran Facility Opening

May 21, 2007

Mount Paran Facility Opening


…two Bible characters… well… two characters…


…a classroom interior…


…looking through her new See With Me Bible…

This weekend was the grand opening of Bible Land at Mount Paran Church in Atlanta, Georgia, and the good folks there were kind enough to fly me down to be a part of it. I’ve been working with Little Mountain Productions to create wall art for church interiors, and this is our first collaboration together. The artwork used was all from my See With Me Bible that is published by Zondervan.

I just noticed on the See With Me link (above) there is a telephone interview I forgot that I’d done. It seems to be one of my typical conversations. I am asked a question, I babble on aimlessly for a while, don’t answer the question, and eventually forget what the question was and what I’m talking about.

The Comments

Doug Jones

what were you saying? … I dozed off there for a moment…

Keegan Jones

Whoa, that is totally cool. Is that screen printed on the wall or something?


Very nice! I will have to bring this up during the next church building project meeting!

Dennis Jones

…zzzsSNOrRt …whoa, I kinda dozed off myself… Keegan, those are huge vinyl wall coverings…

Doug Jones

this is like Dennis on the Jumbo-Tron! cool! It looks like it is in a classroom and a stage area… anything else? What are those screen like things on the right in the bottom picture?

Dennis Jones

…a three level puppet stage…

Don Jones

The rock seats even look to be in the Dennis Jones style. This is way cool…

Don Jones

I see you’re styling with the latest in the Johnny Cash line!

Doug Jones

For some reason… that picture of Dennis reminds me of Mr. Miyagi… the old master in the Karate Kid. ‘cept he had more hair…

Dennis Jones

…good observation, Don… they did model the rocks from the ones in the See With Me… the three tiered one on stage is a pulpit…

Dennis Jones

…wax on …WAX OFF…

Don Jones

Thanks for that reminder there Dennis… don’t forget your bikini wax for the upcoming summer swimmin’ season.

Dan Lietha

Alright Dennis, I gotta ask because inquiring Jones fans want to know. Are these the largest repoductions of your art so far or have there been larger ones made in the past? The Trivial Pursuit Jones Edition has to be accurate!

Dennis Jones

…this is at least the most ENLARGED of anything I’ve ever done… these pictures are only around 10 by 16 inches in size…


Wow! any issues with enlarging your work so much?

Dennis Jones

…I was really impressed with how these turned out… I sent the original artwork to the Little Mountain people and they re-scanned it all at about half a gazillion dots per inch so it all turned out really sharp…

Don Jones

Surprisingly, those large format printers do some amazing interpolation of pixels… The big 8×12 foot banner (& billboard) artwork we do around these parts are sent in at 50 to 85 dpi at actual size. Go figure.

Dennis Jones

…you lost me at interpolation… but I did understand the surprisingly part…

Doug Jones

I think everything works with algorithms…