Nashville Cat

October 5, 2006





I like to draw animals even though I don’t know exactly how their anatomy works… as evidenced by this cat…

I couldn’t really remember how a feline’s back legs worked so I made a set up. I may have inserted a few too many joints… who knows?

I suppose it’s a good thing I make a living as a cartoonist and not as a technical illustrator.

The Comments

Doug Jones

Cool kitty… must have eaten those meeces…

Don Jones

That kitty needs to go the d-caf route.

Dan Lietha

Love that cat! Now, if we can only get you to stop painting with your mouse.

Dennis Jones

…back to sticks n mud on this one…

Dan Lietha

I thought that was the case as the cat looks really sharp.

Dennis Jones

…I did use a mouse for the background on this, but its fur got all matted up with gouache and I had to switch back to a brush…

Jete Pones


Michael Bolton

I don’t know what that last guy was talking about. This picture rocks dude!

Dennis Jones

…so do you Michael, so do you…


not nnnnmy


not any of my relation ps your mother says hello

Dennis Jones

…Hi Uncle Si… I dont know what the weather is like in Colorado, but it’s snowing here right now… HI MOM…


HI it is 60 degrees here and sunshine. But we hit snow on our trip Tuesday. Gotta go—we are going to play bing with the “old folks”!!!!