SketchBook 1

July 10, 2008


I am currently paying the price for running around all last month with 16 hour work days, so I’ll probably just be posting pages out of my sketchbook for a while.

The Comments

Don Jones

Brew up those coffee beans and get CRANKIN’! And when you take a break…. mow parts of the yard.

Otto Meza

Sketch?… mmmm this are not sketch, I called ART

Jason Bourne

Alright, that is swizanky… Now we’re back on track.


whos who?

Dennis Jones

…Brett, I was just drawing faces out of a National Geographic… I don’t know who any of these people are…

Jason Bourne

LOL. The guy in the upper left reminds me of Gene Wilder…


so there someone from tv.


Sketches are good. We like sketches. At least I do. can’t speak for any of the other readers.