The NFL Is In The Air

August 8, 2005


I can always tell when a new NFL football season is around the corner because football players start magically showing up in my sketchbooks.

The two teams I root for seem to be mirror images of each other.

The Indianapolis Colts and the Kansas City Chiefs both have great offenses and not so great defenses. The Chiefs addressed their problem this off season by acquiring new defensive players. Dungy and the Colts have been addressing their defensive woes for the past several seasons by drafting young talent. One is a short term fix, the other a long term fix. It will be interesting to see what this season brings for both teams.

One of the best things about living this far north is right around the corner… snow on the ground, a big fire in the fire place, and a NFL football game on TV.

The Comments

Don Jones

With the fire, snow and football game you’ve got the trappings of one awesome nap. I might suggest a warm mug of cocoa. (not to be confused with hot chocolate which sounds cheap and fattening.)


The Colts will be able to find some of that snow up in New England… We’ll leave a light on for ya’. FOWA: week of 4-10-05 “Sometimes I forget what I am doing. When I come back to consciousness, I find the Colts still can’t beat the Patriots. 😉 Seriously: Here’s looking forward to some good games between the two [notice I say “games” because I get the feeling we will play more than once this year.]

Dennis Jones

New England lost some key players and coaches this off season… of course, they lost almost their entire secondary last season and the Colts still couldnt beat them… so… should make for some interesting football when the two teams meet again this year…

Dennis Jones

my favorite team is the bengals

Dennis Jones

…that last comment came from my youngest son Pete…

…it reminds me of way back when my boys were little… before the NFL season got started that year we made a pilgrimage to Canton, Ohio and the Pro Football Hall of Fame… after touring the place we were all getting stuff in the souvenir shop and Pete proclaimed he was not a Chiefs fan like us… he was a Bengals fan… (the Bengals were, of course, a terrible team), so we all had a good laugh and let him buy a Bengals hat…

…that very season the Bengals got good and ended up in the Super Bowl playing the 49ers… if Pete is bringing the Bengals up outa the blue… ya might want to keep your eyes on them this season…

Don Jones

That rattles the old memory banks- there seems like in the Shepherd of the Hills book and outdoor drama in Branson… there was a character named Pete who ran around loose in the woods and spoke of himself in third person- Pete knows. Obviously Pete knows the NFL with these premonishunz…

marcelo from Brazil!!!

Hey Mr jonnes!!!!! its been a while since the last time i check your website! but hey ,this fooball player is really funny…you know what ? i would like to see how you would draw some of our “footbal” players..hehehe…what you guys call football we call it ” futebol”( soccer)…but soccer is not that popular in the US anyway .But the spirit is just the same: sunday afternoon , beer and barbecue at the backyard , and soccer game on TV!!!!

Dennis Jones

…but probably no snow on the ground during
game time in Brazil, right Marcelo?


Maybe a soccer player juggling a Gourd on his foot… I’m looking forward to the Chiefs – Patriots game too. I like the Chiefs [nowhere near as much as I like the Patriots,] and really enjoyed being at their Monday Night match-up last year. Chiefs fans are very nice and now how to “do” football. One of these days I hope to get to a game at The Razor. FOWA: week of 4-10-05

Dennis Jones

…yes, we are very nice fans… last Christmas we went to the Chiefs/Raiders game and very politely watched a drunken Raiders fan fall into the row in front of him… it was almost as entertaining as the football game…