Digital Sketchbook

January 3, 2008


I grabbed my last little bit of Christmas cash, ran out of the house and bought myself a NintendoDS. Did an all consuming passion to play video games suddenly overtake me, you ask? Nay! (howd that horse get in here?) In fact, I don’t even own a Nintendo game to play on this thing. I downloaded a home-brewed piece of software off the internet some guy came up with called Colors, installed it onto my Nintendo, and I now have a Digital Color Sketch Book! I am now officially a Plein Air Digital Painter! I actually saw that blue cat out in the plein air… I think… that’s the way I remember it anyway…

If you want to read more about my Nintendo adventures or that Colors program, you can find those things HERE.

The Comments

Don Jones

My mouth is standing open … this is great. You can draw AND play games. Obviously Santa knows you’re the only Jones brother that has been good this past year. Doug got a crummy little tree. I got a pencil and piece of paper. I enjoyed the read of the Nintendo DS adventure over on Nick’s place. I’d link that up, but I don’t know how.

Dennis Jones

…Keegan had a pretty funny comment over there…

Don Jones

What’s the process to get these pictures into your computer? A USB hook-up?

Dennis Jones

…you go to Walmart and get a “Games & Music” card… this comes with a little usb converter that lets you download the “Colors” program from the internet and also allows you to upload your pictures back onto the internet…