A More Simple Approach

August 8, 2008


I’ve been searching for a more simple approach to take with color and I’m kinda liking this look. More flat color, less rendering. Of course, tomorrow I’m sure I will like the next thing I stumble into…

The Comments

Don Jones

Less is more. Sempe Fi.

Dennis Jones

…well, more or less, I suppose…

Jason Bourne

More is great, less can also be dealt with. This is great, none-the-less….


Nice to see you still can go back to your old style of humorous Illustrating…almost looks like you did this with Gouache. It’s a cleaner piece and not so dark and busy looking. I think you hit this one like the olympian you are.

Dennis Jones

…I did this between my shot put and high jump competitions…

Don Jones

Let the Sans-A-Gouache Games begin!

Doug Jones

Ah, Grasshopper… to simplify is the goal. Soon you will learn the total simplicity of the clean black line… and the paint bucket. The Zen of illustrating. But I fear that for you, Grasshopper, that will only come when Heck freezes over and Favre is traded to the Jets…


clean, looks like traditionally rendered. the shading looks good, except my eye was kind of drawn to a circle type area of shading under the right nostril- but I have had lots of caffeine and little sleep today- so you can blame it on my eyesight. great work. enjoy all you are doing for the glory of God. keep laying up treasures, brother.

Don Jones

Eagles soar, but weasels dont get sucked into jet engines.