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November 14, 2008


I’m currently working on a 43 page project, which I didn’t think would be that much of a problem until I received the job and realized that each one of those pages had a front AND a back to it. That shot my page count up to 86 pages plus a few others thrown in for good measure… so I’m kinda busy right now.

I’m doing tons of spot illustration for this assignment, so I downloaded I-Show-U for twenty bucks, and recorded the picture I was working on last night. You can see it HERE.

The Comments

Mike Lang

Thanks for posting this! It is awesome to see how you work step by step.

Don Jones

BRAVO!! Brilliant. WeaselBoy Productions is picking up speed.


Brillant! What else you got? …go ahead and pay some bills Denn, there’s 2 more of you Joneses to torture until you get back! Idea: Getcher $20 back and then some by recording the project your on now and selling it to us peasants!


Hey Mike Lang! Is you the Pittsburgh Hockey Mike Lang?

Jason Bourne

This is swanky as usual… The impression here is great!

Doug Jones

Now we’re TALKIN’ best 20 bucks you have spent lately, I’d say.

Dennis Jones

…Mike, I didn’t know you announced Pittsburgh Penguins games in your spare time…

Dan Lietha

To watch Dennis Jones digitally paint in a screen capture video is a dream come true! And with Mylon LeFevre and Broken Heart to boot! My week is complete. 🙂 Thanks man!


he shoots and SCORES! Aghhhhh “Michael, Michael, Motorcycle”!!!! If this is the wrong Mike Lang, poor mike will not have a clue what I’m talking about! or… “Scratch my back with a hacksaw, you gotta be here to believe it”!

Doug Jones

I believe this Mike Lang is the goalie for the LifeWay Ligers.

Jason Bourne

{Wind blows by} Its desolate here. Hope to see you again Mr.Lang.


Thanks for the video. It was treat. It’s amazing how far you’ve come in your digital painting skills in such a short amount of time.