Nick’s Pics

October 28, 2009

NiksPics1 NiksPics2

I have sock creatures living in several different states now and these two reside in Oklahoma at my oldest son Nick’s house. He got a new lens for his camera and took these photos with it. I guess I need to buy frames and hang them on the wall with our other family photos.

The Comments

Tim S.

Love your use of buttons for the eyes. Interesting to find another illustrator who plays with socks on his spare time. 😉 I teach a puppet seminar for children’s ministry workers and I have students make simple sock puppets. I encourage them to use buttons for eyes instead of “wiggle eyes”.  After watching the full-length sock puppet movie, “The Lady from Sockholm”, I was impressed with how they chose button eyes to fit each puppet’s personality/character. Button eyes have so much more character to them.

Dennis Jones

…those wiggle eyes make your sock guys look like something Grandma made in her crochet class… buttons give your characters a good, creepy weird look…

Don Jones

poignant… love the shallow depth of field…


Puppet #2 looks like he may need a good Orthodontist. Hes got more teeth and gums than an Osmond reunion concert.

Dennis Jones

…actually, I did model Puppet # 2 from Donny… Osmond, not Jones…

Doug Jones

If any of those guys want to live in Tennessee, we have a spot for ‘em…


I’m waiting to bid on the Spartaweaselcus tribute sock puppet.


Great photos. The guy on two has a certain Tim Burtonesque feel to him the way he’s designed and photogged.