New Web Game

June 28, 2005


Play the fabulously exciting, educational and inspirational, brand new Brother Jones web game Real Or Make Believe.

You say it’s kind of simple? Well… we never claimed to be rocket scientists.

The Comments


Hey Dennis, that game was kinda fun [simple minds, simple pleasures] I think there was only one I wasn’t sure about. I didn’t post answers, so as not to persuade anyone else who might want to click through the pics and play. FOWA: week of 4-10-05 Sometimes I forget what I am doing. When I come back to consciousness I find that I have combined antelopes and cheetahs in my drawings.

Don Jones

Those are fantastic! I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all those animals along the Arkansas roadways.

Doug Jones

… but they look a lot different FLAT!

Homer H. Hickam, Jr.

…well I AM a rocket scientist and I can’t do it!

Kyle Jones

I’m quite suprised the Liger didn’t make it in there, It seemed like a perfect fit. I mean, its pretty much the best animal ever.