January 22, 2005


I try to have a major computer meltdown every eighteen months or so… whether I need one or not…

I have not been a computer guy for all that long. Being the visionary that I am, I never really saw any need for one personally. This all changed a few years ago when my oldest son, Nick, headed cross country to college. Before leaving he fished an old computer out of the attic and connected me to the internet. Over the next few months I became familiar with a foreign new concept known as E-mail.

When Nick came home for Christmas break he decided to advance my computing skills by helping me build a web page. I went out and bought a cheap scanner and started loading pictures onto the new site. My old attic computer was an entry level special we had bought for the kids back in the early 90’s. It tried its best, but it was never made to do the things we were trying to do with it. The computer gasped one last time and then the hard drive crashed. I lost everything. Computer crash number one.

I looked in the paper, found a PC on sale cheap, and bought it. It was during this time period that I started using the computer more for work instead of simply a diversion. Photoshop was becoming an everyday tool for me, just like a pencil or a paint brush.

Everything worked great for a year or so and then I decided to upgrade to Windows XP. I’m still not sure what happened, but as I was installing it my monitor went black. I launched into full scale panic mode. My computer troubleshooting skills consist of pressing random keys and hoping something good happens. My wife finally had to come to my rescue. She sat on the phone with a tech guy deep into the night trying to fix whatever it was that had happened. The two of them got it running again… sort of. (I now had two XP operating systems to choose from at startup (?) and things were kinda glitchy, but hey, at least I was in business again). I lost a whole lot of stuff on that one. Computer meltdown number two.

I got a Mac G5 over the Christmas break… (the fabled Cheese Grater) To make a long story short, in the process of switching from a PC to a Mac I lost a bunch of stuff… again. Quasi computer meltdown number three.

The only real problem I have at this point is that my web site is floating out in space and I cant get to it. The old web building program I had used to build it wont work on a Mac so I am having to learn a new one. (I don’t want to say its complicated or anything, but you have to be a rocket scientist to understand the book). It’s going to be a long time before anything new happens over on

The good news is, if things run true to form, I shoud be good for twelve to eighteen months of trouble free computing….

….before the next big computer meltdown hits.

The Comments

Keegan Jones

Yes! It’s nice that the whole Brother Jones clan is now using a Macintosh! This book may be of use to you: Switching to the Mac.


good choice of computers! Ive been using a g4 since 3 years ago and i didn’t need to reboot due to some stupid crash ever!

luis villegas

like I would say in spanish “estan perrones”, meaning you guys are bad. thank you for inspiring us.

Norman Bates

when are you ever going to put up something new?!

Dennis Jones

alas and alack… this is the problem with Brother Dennis… never anything new… I haven’t changed my other web page in nearly three years now… I will try to do better with this BrotherJones site…

Doug Jones

say… isn’t Norman Bates the name of the guy in Psycho that ran the Bates Motel?

New High Table

September 14, 2006


…low table…


…high table…

Recently, I was in Oklahoma City visiting my two boys. One night my oldest son took me to see his new workplace. I walked into his studio, walked straight to his computer area, leaned onto his waist high work table and said, “this is great!”

Nick said when they moved into their new area all the designers wanted high tables to work on so they could stand as they worked if they wanted to. He said you feel pretty crummy when you sit low in a chair in front of a computer screen all day. With a high table you can sit if you want or stand if you want.

As soon as I got home and bought a sheet of MDF and immediately raised my computer workspace to waist level. I cannot explain how much better working at an elevated height is.

The Comments


Nothing like raising the level of ones work, eh?

Doug Jones

Reminds me of that Stevie Wonder/Paul McCartney song… “Ebony and Ivory”. It is good to see PC and Mac coexisting on the table together. …warms the cockles of my heart

Don Jones

This is also a great vantage point for spying on anyone coming up your driveway… It’s sort of an air-traffic controller deal.

Dennis Jones

…nice to see you back, Don… Doug and I pretty much brought Brother Jones to a screeching halt last week without ya…

Don Jones

Don’t blame yourselves… blame the terrorists. They are infiltrating everywhere. No wonder you’re keeping a watchful eye out your window. I see in the paper that you guys are enjoying a outbreak of E-Coli up in Indiana. Watch that bagged spinach on your salads.

Dennis Jones

…just another good reason for me NOT to eat spinach… as if there aren’t already plenty of perfectly good reasons to not eat it…


Your desk is almost like a transformer! Cool. I think it’s kinda interesting that you have the newer G5 machine while Doug has the newer flat panel monitor. Actually now I see that you have three monitors? Mac, PC and Linux? Wow. You must be a super user or sumthin’.

Dennis Jones

…yep …I have all kinds of equipment I don’t know how to use…

Don Jones

It looks like you have room on your desk for a Mr. Coffee maker. Hang a few mugs on your bulletin board.