January 11, 2008




…watercolor sketchbook…


…digital paint…

I thought it might be interesting to show the process on these particular pictures. I scratched out the pencil drawings sometime in November and they have been laying on my studio floor since that time. I got a new watercolor sketchbook at Christmas and used those pencil sketches to get that project started. When I have a little spare time at night I sometimes will digital paint with Photoshop and that’s how the last images came to be.

The Comments

Doug Jones

it’s always fun to see the transition from sketchbook to blog.

Dennis Jones

…the transition from the floor to the trash can, too…

Don Jones

And let’s not forget the transition of trash can to neighbor’s back forty. These are super… are you using the Wacom or the mouse… or both?

Dennis Jones

…Wacom Tablet… the mouse has retired…

Doug Jones

did the mouse get a gold watch and an AARP membership?

Don Jones

Speaking of AARP I received yet another card in the mail last week. I wised up and put this one in my wallet to flash around for those snior discounts.

Dennis Jones

…just got back from getting a yellow fever shot… I don’t know what I’ll do if one of those other colors tries to get me… just make a run for it I guess…

Don Jones

A yeller ocher shot? You must either be getting ready for a foreign mission trip or Nick’s wedding.


When you say you got a watercolor sketchbook, I take it that’s a traditional 2D medium and not digital? What water color sketch book do you use?