FishMonger Warrior Class

September 1, 2009


I recently did a fairly large aquarium themed project which required me to illustrated dozens of fish. After finishing that job, I sat down with my sketchbook, (obviously still in fish drawing mode) and these little fish riders popped out onto the page… so here’s another look at one of them.

The Comments

craig schutt

Love the fish, Dennis! On a somewhat related note: did you know Peter DeSeve just started a blog?

Dennis Jones

…I’ve always really liked DeSeve’s work.


The fish looks like he has the job enthusiasm of a toilet brush.. Awesome work and even more awesome news..Phillips MRI was negative for new growth!!!!!!!!!!1

Don Jones

The only thing missing on this great illustration is a Bass Pro logo.

Dennis Jones

…you know what, Don… now that you mention Bass Pro, this fish looks pretty much exactly like the one I did for our “big mouth” bass t-shirt way back when… I haven’t gotten any better at drawing fish at all!

…that’s good news on Phillip, Jeff. Glad to hear it!


Great image. Very fun. Love that background too. But that red hairy blobby thingy ~ is too crazy. Very Seussian.

Dennis Jones

…you could be right, robalLOO… that’s kinda what you get when you work quick… “how ‘bout red for this? …why not? …hmmm, well, good enough, what next.” …if I were to take another stab at this I do think I would tone that element down, but I’ve already moved on down the road and this one is yesterdays news…


Maybe his brother is Lyle Lovett?

felipe vancin

fantastic, I’m your fan dennis!