Gourd Week Day Four

May 5, 2005


HOO HOO! It’s Cinco de MiOldGourd Day! Reminisce about favorite old gourds past and present. Enjoy the traditional tall frosty glass of chocolate milk. And whatever you do, don’t forget to break open a pinata full of glazed donuts tonight. HOO HOO!

The Comments

Doug Jones

Gourd week has hit a fever pitch here. We are all so excited it is hard to go to sleep at night! This gourd looks like a U.F.G.O. (unidentified flying gourd object) I do hope this one is NOT filled with potpourri, but something manly like coffee nips.

Dennis Jones

…it will be especially hard to sleep tonight after all the donuts and chocolate milk…

Doug Jones

nothin like a big bottle of vintage brown wine. Do you drink the 2% brown wine or the whole?

Dennis Jones

I have been drinking 1% milk for years now… 2% would taste like heavy cream to me at this point…

Don Jones

I drink Soy milk… I love that freshly mowed grass after taste. The Thursday gourd No. 4 is fantastique. Whimsical yet utilitarian… the imaginative usage of the three legged wooden peg configuration gives it a fanciful stool quality which bodes well with the rich complementary color scheme. The overall roundness of the piece gives a reassuring sense of oneness with Mother earth. And I bet it will hold a ton of loose change. Happy Mother’s Day!

Dennis Jones

actually… this is the quickest gourd I ever made… I was just experimenting with a top that had a wooden plug under it to see how that would work for a lid… everything is simple n quick on this one… but sometimes simple n quick is kinda nice…