Purple Sock Monster

May 14, 2007


…a very scary monster…


…using the litter box…

This creature has absolutely no relationship to that purple dinosaur Barney. This is an extremely scary purple sock monster named Cousin Eddie. No relation to Barney. Well… they might be cousins… not sure…

The Comments

Doug Jones

is this Barney? It looks like Barney. I think it is Barney. Barney, Barney, Barney… You have moved on to the next level with this one! I like those little arms and the ears. I’m guessing you got some kind of wire in those arms?…

Don Jones

Where are these multi-colored socks coming from? Have you set up a big pot in the yard to dye your socks?

Dennis Jones

Doug… no wires, just socks and thread…

Don… Salvation Army…

D.H… he’s already in my sketchbook…

Don Jones

Dennis, did you get a Sock Sewing Kit from Barnes & Noble to get your creations kick started? I saw one there last week for about $20… “Make Sock Puppets… Be popular!”

Dennis Jones

…if it’s the book I think you are talking about, that’s what got me started doing this… it had never crossed my mind to make stuff out of socks… it’s a really fun book…

Doug Jones

hey… I got that kit at B&N a couple months ago and am hoping to make my first creature… … don’t hold your breath…

Don Jones

I’d be happy if I could simply find two socks that match.


Quick call Captain America before that thing reaches water and overwhelms your home.. A thing like that can get out of control..


Bro. Don ~ I wouldn’t be too surprised to find any missing socks in the possession of Bro. Dennis.

Don Jones

As soon as I get my socks warshed and out of the tub, then hung on da line… they disappear.


hey men nice tablet (wacom) i have one also, not as fanncy as yours though. oh nice socks thing “ya nice”