Fourth Down? GO FOR IT!

November 19, 2008


Paul Daughtery wrote a great column in the USA Today, and I’m jumping on the bandwagon.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and desperate describes the Bengals, Chiefs, Lions and Raiders this year. Paul says for these teams, why not go for it on fourth down… every time! What do these teams have to lose, another game?

The down side of this? It could be embarrassing. Embarrassing? …the Chiefs? …the Lions? …the Bengals? …the Raiders? How could it get any more embarrassing?

What if it worked? You would be a football genius, a pioneer of the game like Bill Walsh. Any coach can go 3-13. Might as well get there in a Lamborghini, even if it doesn’t have brakes or a steering wheel. These teams all boarded the Last Train To Nowhere weeks ago. Why not finish the season with style and innovation?

…or you can just punt on fourth down again.

A good article by Daughtery.

The Comments


Fan-Tastic! Now I can get my sports beat fix here! I read that column and found it a great read but yours ( at least your analogies ) were even better! JSPN? …you find a way to get some gas and the groceries on here and I won’t need to go anywheres else!

Dennis Jones

…I seriously would love to see these teams just go for it on every down… why not?

Don Jones

Speaking of the Lions, I wonder who they will be losing to this Thanksgiving?

The \”Ripleys\” Guy

At this point, I think they are actually positioning themselves for their draft picks. Detroit will win that lottery and woefully select…..Barry Sanders. Who will simply chuckle and mumble, “they STILL don’t get it!”

Dennis Jones

…the Lions might want to borrow a Detroit Redwings goalie and put him in their end zone…


May I suggest Senior Hossa! Yeah, they need to put him anywhere on the field where he can get the most damage done to him…traitor. Anyways…in line with your don’t punt just go for it theme… I’m taking the Lions to whip up on Ten-A-Sea this thanksgiving! …is there ever gonna be spell check on htis blog?

Don Jones

I’m sure Barry is glad he bowed out of that dismal Detroit scene. Let’s see, the undefeated Titans and the lethargic Lions… mmm…


C’mon Don…let’s put up drum sticks…I’ll take Detroit!

Doug Jones

Nashville is getting all ready for FAVRE to come to town Sunday… Fah-are-vuh… Faaavah… Fav-ray… maybe they should call him FOURve…