Red Sea

June 22, 2005


I was digging around on my other computer last night hoping to find an old program I really needed, (which I didn’t find) and ran across these two jpegs and thought, hey… that’s enough for a journal page on the Brother Jones site…

…so here is my fabulously exciting and insightful, educational AND inspirational, New Journal Page Entry!

This is an illustration (and the pencil) from my new Children’s Bible that will be coming out later this year from Zondervan and available at a retailer near you…

…and yes that was a shameless plug for it.

The Comments

Don Jones

Dennis, with your sense of positioning and dramatic presentation… you could be a movie director. You would have to move the Indiana gourd farm to Hollywood though…

marcelo from Brasil!!!!!!

I bet nobody has ever though about this scene from this point of view…not even the “guy” who wrote it! Don is right, u guys should do movie direction!!! hey,i want one of those bibles for me!!!!!

Dennis Jones

CUT… go to print with that last comment…

Doug Jones

I have a copy of the first Bible you did. It is autographed by Moses. Is Moses going to be autographing the new one too?


Cool Dennis. It is fun to see those before/after pics.


Hey! That doesn’t look like Charlton Heston. And you call yourself an artist. (Just kidding) Nice work.

Dennis Jones

DJ… long time since I’ve heard from you… I thought you had fallen off the other side of the earth… I like the splash page on your new web site… looking forward to seeing it when its all done…


Yeah, it’s been a while. Growing a business you know. The new website has been updated. I hope you’ll check it out when you get the chance. We would appreciate any and all feedback.