Doug’s Cool Guitar

March 1, 2005


Congratulations to Brother Doug on his giant painted guitar! I think it is really going to be a big hit in the music world. Case in point: This photo was snapped at the recent WeaselBoy Rock Yer Socks Off world concert tour in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. It seems their lead guitarist really likes Dougs paint job, too!

See Doug’s cool guitar here.

The Comments

Lily (not a cat!)

So I guess you can really play that guitar!

Dennis Jones

Yes Lilynotacat!, you really can…

Doug Jones

I still think Lily is a cat…

Dennis Jones

Doug, I’m glad you dropped by… I think your long lost cat TigerLily is typing messages in again…

Don Jones

The only drawback about Doug’s guitar- you can only play songs from the 60’s on it. Case in point, the guy in the picture is playing I Am A Rock. I am a rock. I am an island. And a rock feels no pain. And an island never cries.

Dennis Jones

I dont know if you noticed, but thats me on drums, Pete on keyboard, and Nick on guitar…

Don Jones

Den, I suspected as much… I thought it was either you or Ringo. That was during Pete’s BOY GEORGE phase wasn’t it? Man, you guys were tight (but loose).

Doug Jones

I do believe that “D” string is a tad out of tune….

Don Jones

That lead guitarist looks like he’s wearing graffiti painted long underwear. Fairly common outwear here in the Ozarks.


who is that playing the guitar

Dennis Jones

…thats Eddie… I think we were jamming on Eruption… but I cant remember now…


I don’t mean to be a skeptic but I think someone’s really good with Photoshop. LOL.

Dennis Jones

huh? …photo-WHAT… are you talking about a camera or something?


Hey, did Eddie use his drill on that guitar to get that “industrial” sound? Too bad that one of the Jones boys isn’t in the picture in one of David Lee Roth’s jump suits. Go ahead…JUMP!


You know I would love to hear more about your oldest son Nick. He seems awesome!


ya tell us about him, this site could really use some more info on the man, maybe a whole page, with downloadable wallpapers and maybe some cool Nick screensavers.


I hear he’s a hottie too! Can you send me his number?



Below is the gigantic guitar big brother Doug painted that sat in front of the Country Music Hall Of Fame in downtown Nashville during the summer of 2005.