Frodo Piggins

September 24, 2007


All alone for the first time, Frodo Piggins wondered if the magic ring he carried in his pocket could actually save his bacon. His traveling buddy, Hamwise Gamgee, had deserted him for an all you can eat buffet in Rivendell.

The Comments

Doug Jones

I thought that was old Ham Gamgee I saw at the Rivendell buffet. He was piling it on… but I out did him!

Jason Bourne

Fantastic idea… I hope there is not a Big Bad Wolf in the story, or our friend will have to find a brick house.

Dennis Jones

…I probably should have called him Spamwise Gamgee…

Doug Jones

tomato… toMAHto…

Doug Jones

hey… it’s bash the visitors day over on Don’s page…

Dennis Jones

…a close-up of Frodo’s magic ring…


What size was the original ‘cuz that lettering looks reeel small to me. Nice piece. This one and the previous harken back to that samurai bear you did.

Don Jones

Maybe my bashing is sleep related … Last night I slept like a baby… with cholic.

Doug Jones

now that is one extreeme close up! I’m glad he asks himself What Would Jonesy Do… Now THAT’S the question.

Dennis Jones

…I’ve always been kinda partial to the WWDJ one…
What Would Dennis Do? …it works for all the Brothers Jones…