Computer On The Fritz

February 22, 2007


…rodent problems…

I’ve been dealing with a rodent problem this week at my house. I didn’t even know I had a rodent problem until I hauled my computer into the shop on Monday.

The cursor was no longer functioning properly on screen, (which caused me to cursor several times as I tried to figure out what was wrong). We found out that my utilities folder had magically disappeared… which is really pretty weird… and also that my Logitech Scroll Mouse had fritzed out… darn rodents…

The tech asked me when I last did regular maintenance on my computer. I said… uhm, never. He reinstalled the operating system to correct the utility folder situation and I tossed the LogiTech Scroll Mouse in the trash. The cool thing about the reinstall is that I was running on the older “Panther” system but he put in the newer “Tiger” system for me… HOO HOO!

Unfortunately, now I’m spending most of my time playing with those little Tiger Widgets instead of working.

The Comments

Don Jones

I wuz starting to wunder what wuz up with yu… There’z nuthin’ like a new utiliteez folder and computoor systum to get one’s motor runnin’. “Get yo ‘puter runnin’… head out on the highway! Lookin’ for URLs.. or whatever comes my way…”

Doug Jones

I’m still Widgetless myself…. I was beginning to think you were buried under tons of snow. I had just enlisted Jack Bauer to organize a search team to find you and dig you out…

Dennis Jones

…I took my computer in on Monday and didn’t get it back until late yesterday, so I haven’t been on the internet all week…

Brother JONES… Now Computer Accessible!

Don Jones

I did not realize that Tiger Woods had widgets on the market. He’s into everything.

Dennis Jones

…didn’t Keegan make a widget of some sort?

Don Jones

Affirmative. I believe there’s a link to it from Pick up hostile at 1408 Brenthaven.

Nick Jones Everybody

less rodents, more monkeygrams… that’s what I say.

Dennis Jones

…I say… New For 2007… RodentGrams!

Don Jones

Nick Jones Everybody … sorry to see you got kicked off American Idol last night. Your rendition of “American Pie” was moving, and quite long.


I wonder if Steve Taylor was the cause of your computer problem?

Dennis Jones

…you caught me RobalLOO… I am a rabid Steve Taylor fan… have been for years… I got to see him live a while back at the Cornerstone Festival in Illinois… he can still put on a great show… I still sprinkle Taylor lyrics into my everyday conversation… “since I gave up hope, I feel a lot better”…


First rock concert I went to was Steve Taylor opening up for Petra. That was a blast. Cornerstone was an amazing experience the time I got to go.