Last Call For Pac Rim

July 9, 2009


…monkeys and two interesting signs…


…yep, that’s me… Mr. Dennis Spencer…

Ok, one last look at Malaysia, then I’ll start posting artwork again. I spoke at a university while there, but as you can see from the welcome sign, they got my name wrong. Rodney Dangerfield has NOTHIN’ on me. Of course, it was a pretty crummy speech, so I’m kinda glad my name wasn’t on it. The bumper sticker on the back of the van (What On Earth Am I Here For?) sounds like something you hear on a regular basis in the halls of the Brother Jones corporate office complex.

The Comments

Doug Jones

Oh Flitter! There are so many rules to follow in foreign lands, Mr. Spencer! I am glad I am here in the U.S. of Americas where I can wash my feets in the toilet anytime I want.


and Urinate in bathrooms too.

Dennis Jones

…this is the land of the free and home of the brave enough to visit gas station bathrooms…

Don Jones

Did you have three points in that speech, Mr Spencer? Did you have any time to spend with that other woman? Mrs…Mrs JOOOONnnes… Mrs Jones, Mrs. Jones… Mrs…JJJJOOOONNNNES….

Doug Jones

I’m thinking those monkeys are like supercharged squirrels on steroids. Instead of just skampering over my roof and stealing my bird food, they would be getting into my car and taking joy rides, right?

Dennis Jones

…as we were walking around in the jungle the trees would just start boiling with monkey activity… we would run to that area to get a close up look, but the locals would kinda back slowly away from it… when you’re running toward monkeys and the locals are carefully backing away from monkeys, you know you are probably doing something wrong…


The monkeys do come armed with some impressive teeth. Pretty sure they could put a dent or 2 in Mr. Spencers skin.

Don Jones

Did you pack any minkey repellent?