Saturation Problems

February 27, 2008


This one kinda got away from me and the color on my guy ended up looking way too saturated so I put a layer over the top of the whole thing and filled it with black. I then turned the black layer from “normal” to “saturation”. (This is how some folks check for values in their paintings). I dialed it down to about 50% opacity so a bit more of the color could shine through and was much happier with the way it looked. It gave the overall picture a darker look and feel.

The Comments

Doug Jones

there are so many things you can do with Photoshop that you can tweak things till the cows come home…

Dennis Jones

…even that darn interrupting coMOOOOOOO!

Otto Meza

Did you do that? MMMM… I think you took a picture of a guy who lives in your garden, don’t you think so?

Jason Bourne

Hes dressed like one of the guards in Star Wars Ep.1, on the planet of Naboo. Groovy!

Jon Slone

Dennis, i just wrote you on yesterday’s blog. Could you check that out please.