Simple Computer Color

July 12, 2007


I’ve been piddling around on the computer lately trying to come up with a quick way to lay simple color into a pencil sketch. Most of these efforts end with me threatening to throw my computer out the window if it doesn’t start doing what I want it to, but I kinda liked the direction this one was headed in… sorta.

The Comments

Doug Jones

I like the background gradient. I never think to do that. Is that with the gradient tool or what?

Dennis Jones

…yup… the only computer painting things that really ever work for me are the things I can’t glop up… like a gradient tool…


Hey not a bad use of color. I like the slightly uneven teeth. The sketch kinda reminds me a bit of Edward Sorel.

Simple Computer Color Day 2

July 13, 2007


This morning before I got busy with work, I tried doing simple computer color on a pencil sketch once again. This one got me a bit closer to where I am hoping to go… I think. I don’t really want an airbrushed look like this one has, but hopefully, one of these days I’ll find that magical Photoshop brush I’m searching for. My ultimate goal is to be able to scan pencil drawings from my sketchbook into the computer and slam color onto them real fast.

The Comments

Don Jones

Just remember this Dennis … speed kills. Keep that quache under the local speed limit.