Different Sketch Paper

May 31, 2007


…new for 2007 …yellow!

We sometimes become slaves to the familiar. I’ve been using the same sketch paper (the Canson Biggie Pad) for years now. I ran out the other day, and since it’s a two hour round trip to the art store, I searched around the house for something I could use in a pinch.

I found some yellow paper that I’ve had in my closet for several years now and used it. It’s a heavier paper than the Canson and much slicker. The pencil slid over the smooth surface and it had a much better feel to it… and it’s yellow… which seems to be a really big plus to me… for what reason, I’m not really sure.

Anyway, now that I’ve gotten used to the yellow paper, I can’t imagine using anything else… because I have become so familiar with it… I don’t know what I will do when it runs out…

The Comments

Doug Jones

when it runs out, you may find some paper in your restroom… Nice kitty! I have been using laser paper for years to draw on for the very same reason… it is slicker and I like the way pencil works on it. Wonder if it comes in yellow?

Dennis Jones

…hey, I need some help… I have used a particular Prismacolor colored pencil ( deco-orange 1010 ) for years now and have just found out they discontinued making it… A YEAR AGO… I can’t find them anywhere… the next time you guys are in your local art store, could you check to see if they have any left?


Nice tonal effect of the yellow. But I prefer Strathmore 14×17 sketch pad for drawing. It never fails me doing pencils, inks, and light watercolours. I’m on sketchpad number 29 now. I’m just hoping that they never run out of it. Nice job Dennis!!


Also, if you can get it, (Denril) it’s like onion skin paper and no matter what lead you use on it. It’s dark enough for reproduction.

Dennis Jones

…my pencil drawings are very quick and rough because all I do with them is tape them to the bottom of a sheet of watercolor paper so that I can redraw the picture onto it with a light table, so most any paper will do for that…

…but I’ve been thinking lately about doing a more finished pencil drawing with a lot of tone in it, and then dropping color onto it in Photoshop to see what that looks like…