New Blog Site Experiment

March 19, 2010


…ok, I’m looking at what my options are here because I’m not going to share a page with creepy spammers. Brother Jones was a custom, cutting edge blog site when it launched in 2005, but in computer years (much like dog years) that’s getting pretty old. Brother Jones has become increasingly more susceptible to spammers and there isn’t a whole lot the brothers can do about it (we aint exactly rocket scientists).

Would some of you help me as I experiment with a couple of things? Could you please go over to this new Dennis Jones page and leave a few comments on that site here and there so I can see how everything works on it. I would appreciate it. Thanks!

The Comments

The “Ripleys” Guy

Really like it! The only thing on a wide screen monitor it leaves a ton of empty space on the sides, maybe ad some very faint pencils sketches visible going outward. Very faint.


Whatever keeps your blog going is great with me..