Crocodile On A Fence Post

August 23, 2007



I just got back from the annual, “haul your kid halfway across the country back to college” trip. I now have a ton of work to catch up on, but thought I’d better put up a new picture before I get voted off the Brother Jones Island.

The Comments

Doug Jones

It’s too late… we voted and you are OUT. According to our by-laws, you have one week to bribe us with a couple dozen Krispy Kremes in order to be reinstated to good standing…

Dennis Jones

…I thought you had to officially douse my torch first and say “it’s time for you to go”…

Don Jones

According to the Brother Jones Rules of Conduct, “Any blog not updated in a reasonable amount of time will be considered null and void and officially voted off the BJ Island.” Bon voyage!

Dennis Jones

…but I’m really good on the immunity challenges…


I dig that crazy sun back there.


I heard you got stuck in some traffic. Was it around St. Louis?

Dennis Jones

…zowie, Betsy… we were making great time, got on 270 to bypass St. Louis, were cruising along and BAM, stuck in traffic as far as you could see in front of us and as far as you could see behind us… they were working on the bridge… 2 hours to travel 5 miles…

…Pete was in his car behind me and his air conditioner wasn’t working so a good time for him in the heat and humidity… I threw some gum at his car to liven things up… he threw gum at my car and it eventually melted all over my bumper…

…congratulations to you and Andy by the way!


Another reason to stay in California…Car Gum! Eewww.