Brother Jones Art History Class

January 26, 2009

Praha1 Praha2 Praha3

We had a day to kill in Prague waiting for a late night flight, so we made our way down to the old part of town and started wandering through old castles and stuff. We ambled into a cathedral and as we did the mandatory walk through, I stopped at one of the stained glass windows and was totally enthralled by it. Stained glass windows are usually not even on my radar screen, but this was the coolest one I had ever seen.

It turns out that it was done by Alphonse Mucha who did the really cool Art Nouveau stuff we are all probably familiar with. After I got home I discovered there is also a gallery of his work in Prague I could have visited. Rats! I would have loved to have gone there.

That’s what I get for sleeping through art history classes in college instead of paying attention.

The Comments

Doug Jones

wow… I really like that bottom picture. It has Mucha written all over it. Don’t worry… you will have plenty of chances to see that gallery on your next trip, right?

Don Jones

Forget them colored windows… did you bring your brothers a matching coat and hat like those guys in the top picture? I’m laughing at your LOCKED KNEE observation/posing stance.

Dennis Jones

…they weren’t so happy with me when I jumped in behind them and started marching along, too…

Don Jones

Which one of these soldiers is not like the others?


Wow. that is nice. Thanks for sharing. Never knew he did stained glass. This why I come here – for the fount of knowledge.