Go Coats!

January 27, 2010


In honor of the Indinaplits Coats winning their second Super Bowl in four years, I am posting a “How To Paint An Indinaplits Coat” video. Just follow this easy tutorial and in no time, you will be painting Indinaplits Coats with the best of ‘em…

You can see a small version of this video in my comment section below, or a larger, better version on my Vimeo page.

The Comments

Don Jones

This gets me pumped for the big game! Let the Coats Tailgating begin…

Dennis Jones

…need I remind you, Don, of the Dennis Jones Championship Mojo!?


WOW!I bet if the NFL saw this they would like to make Colts shirts with this on it.

Doug Jones

good videeeO. So Peyton is gonna whup up on those poor, hurricane ravaged Saints? The big bully…

Dan Lietha

Awesome video Dennis! Helps take a bit of the sting away from the Vikings loss … a “bad, bad dream”. GO COLTS!

Dennis Jones

…Dan, I believe I could hear you groaning all the way up here as Favre single handedly yanked a defeat out of a sure victory with that last pass of his career…

Jon Slone

Favre will go down in history as a profesional throw-it-to-the-guy-on-the-other-team kinda quarterback! Go Colts!!!!!


I am still saving for my graphics tablet, For now I will have to try one with my airbrush..Overlook the big star on his helmet.

Dennis Jones

…well, it’s out… the long awaited Apple DIGITAL TABLET!!!

Dennis Jones

Don Jones

Steve Jobs could almost pass as a Jones brother…

Dan Lietha

If you haven’t already watched the iPad Keynote presentation from yesterday on the Apple site, go there and zoom ahead in the presentation to 42:22. The app “Brushes” is demonstrated. Very cool!

Dennis Jones

…my problem is that what I was hoping this would be a drawing slate with a touch screen that had about 3000 degrees on sensitivity… in other words a tiny little Cintiq… which this was never going to be…

…the Brushes program is nice, but painting with my fingers frustrates me… I would like to do more with a portable drawing slate than just play around and kill time with it…

…so I guess I will just continue to wait and hope for Wacom to get into this market with an actual PORTABLE Cintiq style computer tablet…


I don’t know Dennis, maybe it could help you take your famous “exhaustive” notes during sermons..

Dan Lietha

I agree with your take on the iPad Dennis. Keep in mind this is version 1 and 3rd party manufacturers have come out with a stylus for the iPhone and iPod Touch so the same will likely happen for the iPad. Levels of sensitivity is another issue that hopefully Apple will improve.


not a colts fan, but love the art.