Trooper Helmet

March 24, 2008


The sun is out this morning and it looks like a really nice day, but I think they are calling for snow tomorrow so I better strap on the inlines, grab a hockey stick and skate the neighborhood today while I have a chance.

The Comments

Jason Bourne

Aw Yeeaa! I wish I had one of those helmets.

Doug Jones

is it halloween already? how time flies!….

Dennis Jones

…I’m makin’ me wunna these helmets outa gourds this summer… ittle be sweet…

Don Jones

Speaking of protection… I am now the proud owner of a sweet little 14-inch STIHL chainsaw. Ran it all afternoon Saturday and still have all limbs in tact on my person.

Doug Jones

…so now your dining room table and all the chairs are only 12 inches high?

Dennis Jones

…you can’t go wrong with a Stihl chainsaw… I’ve been abusing mine for 10 years now and it continues to start up every time I pull the cord…

Doug Jones

I have a rusty hand saw that works everytime too…

Dennis Jones

…the Dougster kickin’ it ole schoo…