A California Super Hero

September 27, 2005


Last summer Midway Baptist School (located somewhere in Southern California I think) contacted me and wanted to buy some Superheroes Of The Bible Posters for their upcoming school year. That was great, (except for the fact that I didnt have any Superheroes Of The Bible Posters) so I made some up especially for them. I found a place on the internet that could produce them and that is how I ended up opening an internet shop.

The school also needed a piece of art for superhero t-shirts they were making for their teachers. I had an existing piece of artwork (the top picture) that I tossed in for free as a way of saying thanks for prodding me along into opening a shop.

Imagine my surprise when I received a complimentary superhero t-shirt from them and included in the package were photographs of a real live Superhero created from my artwork. How great is that! These people know how to take a theme and run with it.

A Brother Jones Award of Excellence to you Midway Baptist School.

The Comments

Don Jones

I’m lovin’ those Super Hero short and socks combo. Can we get those loaded up for sale on the site?

Doug Jones

Den… I think you need a hat like that to wear around town. Spiffy!

An Unhelpful Tutorial

September 28, 2009


I noticed the other day I had a folder sitting on my desktop labelled “superHvideo” and had no idea what it was. I opened it and inside were screen shots of a job I was working on at the first of the year. Apparently I was planning to make a video with them… so I did… this weekend… and here it is loaded into the comment section below. I must warn you though, it has a very scary opening so watch out!

The Comments

Dennis Jones

Don Jones

I like that retro football padding on your hand… just like Deacon Jones used to wear… and Rosie. (Greer not O’Donnell) The first solution is always the BEST solution. A good mantra to live by… plus, saves time.


Kewl. Do a how to draw vid, it would be interesting…


And the cool background music that would give the musical score to Halloween a run for its money..

Dennis Jones

…I was sitting here working today and realized, man, I am just freezing. I had to go downstairs and change out of my shorts and t-shirt and into sweatpants, a long sleeve shirt and actually put on a pair of socks… I fear winter is back for us…

Nick Jones Everybody

I believe that music belongs to the “Carnie” genre….

Dennis Jones

…thats the soundtrack that’s playing in my head as I go about my daily business…