My Big Biker Weekend

May 5, 2008


I decided this weekend would be my big, “get back into biking” weekend. I dug around and found some of my old riding gear, a styrofoam helmet, one glove and my Nike biking shoes. Upon further consideration, I decided I would rather die than be seen in any of this stuff, so I rolled up my jeans, put on my Chucks and a ball cap and hit the road.

I went to Ft. Wayne to ride because there are supposed to be some really good bike trails up there. I managed to find one of the trail heads and headed out on my rusted black beauty. It was really fun. The trail system runs for miles along the St. Joe and Maume rivers. I did get lost at one point and found myself peddling thru the skyscrapers in downtown Ft. Wayne, (I’m still not sure how that happened). I ended up in a downtown park with about half a brazilian people standing in line for something. I asked what was going on and it turns out some fellow named Obama was speaking in a pavilion there about something.

As I biked on I grew more confidant and tried a very aggressive shift which threw my chain off the front sprocket and it wrapped itself tightly around my front peddle. That took a while to fix. I got home around six and was determined to fire up the computer and make a picture to post here instead of this, but after I took a shower I laid down on the bed and found that I could no longer move my arms and legs… so I stayed on the bed and watched the Bourne Ultimatum on TV… and then kinda dozed and woke thru the entire Stars-Sharks game… including all three overtimes… STARS WIN! HOO HOO!

The Comments

Jason Bourne

Cool Nikes! Nice and bright… I guess you don’t need reflectors while riding at night when you have those Nikes on.

Nick Jones Everybody

What happened to the other half of the brazilian people?

Dennis Jones

…they were over at IPFW listening to some lady named Hillary… I hear there’s some sorta election or something coming up…

Don Jones

It appears Indiana is very prized turf. Must be the corn. The funky time zone? Did you stop for nourishment on this bike outing?

Doug Jones

Sounds like you had a real adventure! Chucks look so cool… but they feel so FLAT to wear. I need some arch support… therefore I am not cool…. oh well…

Dennis Jones

…I stopped and had a LemonLimeStawberry Gatorade and it was delicious… wearing Chucks is about as close to going barefoot as you can go…

Doug Jones

I luv my asics running shoes… every step is like walking on cushy carpet… I am totally addicted

Nick Jones Everybody

I just think it’s funny that you used to wear a styrofoam cooler on your head… How exactly does that help in a wreck? The handles break off those things when you put half a bag of ice in there…

Dennis Jones

…ahem …that styrofoam cooler helmet was the latest in hi-tech gear when I got it… 20 years ago…

…of course, I always was kinda curious as to how well that helmet would work when I was screaming down a hill, the bike was shuddering violently and I feared the wheels were going to spontaneously combust……