Painting Process

April 18, 2005


Chris in Dallas sent an email asking me some questions. Rather than answer Chris with another email full of words, I will answer his questions here with pictures.

His first question was, why do you paint the background first and the main image last…?

If you do it the other way, the background looks like you painted up to and around the figure. That is usually not the look I am going after.

Question Two, do you use some sort of airbrush frisket to protect the main image?

Nope. I paint right over the top of the image and then wipe the paint off a little before it dries.

Question Three, any good books on the subject?

I mentioned a few books I like on Gouache is just opaque watercolor, so the techniques found in any good watercolor book are pretty much going to apply to gouache, too.

I hope this was helpful Chris. Thanks for giving me something to write about this week.

The Comments

Don Jones

Now we are getting somewhere… this even inspires me to break out the brushes and start slinging paint. Now that I think of it, I did just that this past weekend as I sealed our deck.

Dennis Jones

oh great… that reminds me that Karen want the front porch painted this summer…

Don Jones

My suggestion is to calculate how much time you think it will take… and then multiply that figure by 10.

Robert Lamm

Hey, Dennis…..when is that big “04” project hittin’ the stores? is it “25” or more like 6 to 4?

Terry Kath

I’ve noticed that you guys(Jones folk) make many Chicago references. Do you guys like them? (The group i mean) i think Chicago is the greatest group of all time. To me, no one beats them. what say you?

Dennis Jones

Hi Terry… wow… I thought you died several years ago… still Wishing You Were Here… to answer Questions 67 and 68 let me Beginnings with this Dialogue… Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?… your email Make Me Smile… do you like the Fancy Colors we use for our comments… I think I am going to spend Saturday In The Park…

Don Jones

Terry, I do indeed like Chicago… but at this point I don’t own any of their tunes go figure? I fondly recall swimming in a pond just north of our home town and Chicago’s OLD DAYS blasting from the 8-track of my VW bug.

Dennis Jones

Robert… thanks for writing most of Chicago’s really big hits…

I just got a call last week from my publisher that the new book was just about ready to go to the printer so it might be out in the next few months sometime… maybe… I really dont know anything for certain about that yet…

peter Cetera

Hey guys, this is Peter. Sorry i left the group! If i had known i would only score 2 lousey hits(theme to Karate kid part 2 & duet with Mrs. V. Gill) in 21 years of being on my own i never would have left. But hey, what can i say…I’m a skosh vain. But look, if you guys ever need me you can “Call on me”. Personally I’m “Feeling stronger every day” that i read God’s word and view your seminal “Chicken scratches” Then “Along comes a woman” and i ask her to “Stay the night” and she says to me, “baby what a big surprise” refering of course to my argosy of my Jones’ artwork laying about! All kiddin’ aside, i was born in August of 70…..the same month and year that Chicago’s first hit materialized….which was “make me smile”. Cool huh? Write back. “I’m a man” that needs another comment.

Dennis Jones

Isn’t it interesting how the transit authority of Chicago did NOT want THEIR name associated with this little nothing band in ANY way and would not let them use CHICAGO TRANSIT AUTHORITY… oops…

Danny Seraphine

Hey….it’s danny here. The erstwhile drummer for chicago. I know what you mean Dennis….regarding your last comment. Big mistake! Who do they think they are?! Did you know that Chicago is the only group to score 3 number one hits with 3 different singers? They rock!!! Hard!!!
It goes like this……JESUS, big rock! Chicago, little rock! Mountain Dew, tiny rock! Sittin’ around writing and drawing all day…….priceless!!!!

Dennis Jones

Man… if the guys that play the horns in the band start writing I’m going to be in trouble cause I dont know any of their names…

Walter Parazaider

How about that 10 letter handle. $100 dollars to anyone who ever pronounced his name right. Walt (In case you didn’t know) was the founder of the group. also he played woodwinds. most notably…the flute solo in Color my world. What other kinds of music gets you rockin and rollin’ Dennis?

Dennis Jones

hmmm… as a child of the 70’s I grew up with all the classic… well… classic rock… so I like all that stuff… I appreciate anything that is good… a band I really liked during the 80’s was Mylon LeFevere and Broken Heart… that stuff would always get me going… I am currently at the mercy of my two boys as to what I know about todays popular music… whatever they put on my computer is what I listen to… I like the way Keane sounds… I like the Elms last effort… I guess I am pretty eclectic in what I listen to…


merideth… MERIDETH… oh, Merideth, we got a bad elephant…

Dennis Jones

thats pretty funny… but really an inside joke!


Gretchen do you want to ride on top of the elephant?


Hey Dennis… tall are you and Don? You guys look “hugh Mongus” in your pictures.

Don Jones

Not sure how tall we are, but we sure are wide. You can find better bodies that ours in a used car lot.

Dennis Jones

Goliath, I am 6’2”… and since my summer hockey league starts in just a few weeks I am up around 200lbs right now… I like to go into the season pretty heavy because I no longer have the skills to compete against the twenty year olds I am forced to play against… this means the only thing I have to offer my team is mass… a pair of inline skates adds about 4 inches to your height… and you should see how the competition gets outa the way when they see a 6’6” 200 pound outa control disaster headed their way…

Marcelo from Brazil

hehehehe…this is exacly the kind of tip i was looking for!!!! Made a lot of things much easyer now!!!hehehehehehe…just kiding!!!
thanks Mr Jones!!!!! ABRAO!

Dennis Jones

Hey Marcelo… send me some more pictures! You are a great artist!