Super Duper Man

March 5, 2008


Yesterday was Super Duper Tuesday… so today is going to be Super Duper Man day… all a part of a super duper week, I suppose…

The Comments

Doug Jones

so are you happy that you can make bright blues and reds now?

Otto Meza

Yes… how you do thats

Jason Bourne

Nice shading. We need the rest of the Justice League also…

Dennis Jones

…I am happy that I can make really bright colors now… I love painting with the ole sticks, hair n mud, but I could never achieve the brilliant intensity of color with traditional media that I can with a computer… now it’s a matter of trying to keep it all under control… which is not always easy…


It’s been great to see your progress in the realm of digital media! You’ve come a long way, and your confidence shows. You’ve definitely captured the bright comic book colors of ol’ Supes here. He really stands out form the city-gray background. Is it my imagination or does he needs a shave?


Weird – not sure how I did they smaller, indented type effect above.

Don Jones

Stayed mentally prepared Denny Gene, ‘cause when these bright, colorful digital images get converted to the old, limited CMYK color spectrum for printing… well, let’s just say they’ll never look the same.


…hey, good to see you hangin’ your shingle out on this page today, Don…

the Phlegminator

nothing beats an ibuprofren & Aleve cocktail.

Doug Jones

Was in a bookstore today looking at the Art of Bee Movie. As I was looking at lots of cool character sketches I started noticing the medium used on them. There was a variety of looks to them, but just about every one was listed as “pencil and photoshop” … so you are in good company…

craig schutt

It’s super, man. I second the request for more Justice Leaguers…