Number Seventy Four

October 20, 2009


…no, I have not seen the Movie 9 yet, but that didn’t keep me from whipping out one of those little goomers from the movie for my very own…

The Comments

Doug Jones

Terrific! That looks like a fully automatic CheapJoe 50 caliber brush he is wielding.


WOW! I’m speachless. this guy is too cool.


YES! Nothing says “cool” like converse…LOL

Dennis Jones

…there is a new genre out there called “Stitchpunk” which is kinda like steampunk except it focuses heavily on big, rough looking stitching… I have been into stitchpunk for several years and didn’t even know it…

Don Jones

awesomeness… the bulbed back pack, the belt… I need to see this up close… let me get my glasses…