In The Dark

April 5, 2006


…what’s goin’ on?

I flew down to Oklahoma City this weekend to watch my youngest son, Pete, play in “March BANDness”. His band didn’t win, but it was quite an accomplishment for them to even make it into the final four and I really enjoyed getting a chance to see them perform.

I arrived at the airport before sunrise on Monday morning to fly home. This time I had a brand new, unexpired driver’s license, I knew how to work the automated check-in machine, I got through security without being singled out and frisked, and I got into my seat on the airplane with no problems. Everything was running like clockwork…

…until all the lights went out in the airplane and the engines quit running.

Since it was pre-sunrise we were all left sitting in the dark. Then everything came back on… and then it all went back off. But then it all came back on and we proceeded to taxi out to the runway for take off.

Then everything went off in the plane again… but it all came back on… but then off… but then on again… but then off again… then back on one last time. It was like sitting in a dark room with someone flipping the light switch on and off.

Finally the captain spoke over the intercom and explained that we were having a problem with an onboard computer and, as you would do with a home computer, you must shut everything down and then turn it all back on hoping the computer will fire back up correctly. Thats why the plane was continually shutting down and coming back on… they were trying to reboot the computer.

This (of course) did not work, because this was the plane I was planning to ride home in. We taxied back to the terminal and the tech guys came out and installed a new computer on our plane…

…while we sat in the plane…

…for two and a half hours.

I arrived in Chicago with barely enough time to catch my connecting flight, but I sprinted to my gate and got there just in the nick of time…

…to see them posting that my flight had been cancelled. But that was ok because there really isnt anything more fun than sitting around in an airport terminal all afternoon waiting for another flight home.

I really need to come up with another mode of transportation to these things.

The Comments

Doug Jones

So Karen flies around the globe all the time, but you take two trips and this is what happens? No wonder you stay home and raise gourds. ‘Bout plantin’ time ain’t it?

Don Jones

Den, for a second there I saw you sprinting through the airport terminal just like O.J.

Dennis Jones

…I was… of course, I tripped and fell when I tried to jump over the suitcase…

Don Jones

I’ve heard there are lots of bugs and viruses floating around inside an airplane’s air ducts. I sure hope you remembered to hold your breath while you were on computer stand-by.

Don Jones

Did Pete’s band get any parting gifts along with the prestige of making the FINAL FOUR? Free admission to Frontier Land? Guitar strings?

Dennis Jones

…they received a fabulous day of free rides at Frontier City for their efforts… bad news Don… the car ride we used to enjoy so much is gone… replaced with one of those newer model-t type car rides…

Don Jones

I do remember that they had a saloon of some sort… I recall walking past it and thinking creepy things were probably happening inside

Doug Jones

creepy things were happening OUTSIDE as you walked by…

Don Jones

It just hit me that if you are in need of another mode of transportation… fire up your SEARS Craftsman mower and HIT THE ROAD!

Dennis Jones

…I think with a tune up I might be able to get that baby up to 6… maybe 7 miles an hour… not a bad idea, Don…

Don Jones

You haven’t modified that mower with any on-board leftover PC computers have you?

Don Jones

NOTE: Movie contains violence: Alvin twice shoots his broken-down riding lawn mower, causing it to explode in flames. Now THIS is entertainment!

Dennis Jones

…I believe we previously proclaimed this to be the official movie of the Brother Jones Web Site… check it out sometime… if you are having trouble sleeping…

Don Jones

Did you watch it? I have yet to see it.

Dennis Jones

…yes… it’s actually pretty good… if you don’t have anything else to watch….



Dennis Jones

…no Jeff… I only wear my welding Goggles when I’m cruising town in my car… with the windows rolled down… and my arm hanging out the window… with my sleeves rolled up onto my shoulders to show off the Brother Jones tattoo on my shoulder…

The Straight Story

May 11, 2006


…leaving Huntington…


…road warrior…


…semi’s are tough…

I fixed my riding mower and am now driving to Missouri to see my little brother Don. His oldest son, Keegan, is done with his book learnin’ and they are throwing a party for him on Saturday. I am hoping to make Indianapolis by midnight tonight and St. Louis by Saturday morning.

The Comments

Doug Jones

I see you are towing your own stash of Krispy Kremes… are you gonna SHARE?…

Don Jones

You’ll arrive sooner if you get that bad boy in the passing lane.

Dennis Jones

…I have a little laptop strapped to the hood of the mower so I can monitor Brother Jones as I drive but there seems to be some gaps in the free broadband service between cities…

Don Jones

Over inflate your tires and that should help the reception or possibly paint your teeth Navy and fire up the Blue Tooth.


I’ll be sure and watch for you on the side of the road between St. Louis and Springfield on Saturday!

Don Jones

Bring a shovel along to scrape him up, Bets.

Keegan Jones

Do you mean Saturday NEXT YEAR? Guess you could always hitch a ride with a hillbilly truck driver…


Keegan….don’t call us hillbilly, we are Ozark Americans