November 29, 2007


Whoosh! I just got the assignment I’ve been working on finished up. Over ninety pages in about a month. I’ve been working night and day, so I’m looking forward to vegging out on the couch this weekend and watching a whole lotta football…

The Comments


Congrats. Now you can go out and celebrate Thanksgiving!

Don Jones

Welcome back to the “Web Land of Static Sites.” Glad to see the Deadline Dog put down. Went to the In-laws last night. Satellite. NFL Network. Need I say more?

Dennis Jones

…that turned into a pretty interesting football match… I always hate it when they start showing games on Thursdays late in the season… and Saturdays…I can never remember they are on… NFL tackle football games are supposed to be on Sundays… and Mondays…

Jason Bourne

Very nice.Dallas won, yeeee. I felt sorry for Brent Favre. The back up QB did a great job!