Lost Video Update

February 13, 2009


Little brother Don missed the hit TV show LOST this week, so I put together a little video update to get him caught up. Apparently he missed a whole lot of yelling and screaming.

The Comments

Doug Jones

Well… THAT just explains EVERYTHING! I will be watching for next week’s exciting episode, brotha…


wow. Has Pixar seen this? I’m seeing box office success in puppet animation short… On a separate note, is the front page screwed up for anyone else? The individual pages aren’t linked or something…

Dennis Jones

…hmmm …keeeeGAN! …help

Don Jones

This makes me laugh… LOST is now a comedy. I could hardly tell if I was on an island or in a third floor art studio in Indiana.

Dennis Jones

…if you couldn’t tell, perhaps you WERE in an art studio in Indiana during a different time! …have you experienced any disturbing flashes of light lately? …any nosebleeds?


Loved seeing the menagerie of your sock puppet collection.