TorontoSaurus Rex

February 25, 2008


Run for cover… it’s a scary TorontoSaurus Rex! I was originally going to make the little creature Doug drew a while back, but as I was building the shape it started looking like a dinosaur to me… so I put a tail on it and that’s what it became.

The Comments

Don Jones

Happy little fella… it seems he is saying something… like.. A.A… R. P. A wonderful addition to the elite Dennis Jones Creature Creations Club.

Dennis Jones

…but when a TorontoSaurus says it it sounds really scary …aaaAAARRRrRRRRrrrrPPPPpPpp…

Doug Jones

a clever way to avoid having to hand over my creature to me due to my iron clad, universal, copyrights on all doodles…

Dennis Jones

…heh, heh, heh…

Jason Bourne

Radical! Steven Speilberg would be proud if saw this.

Doug Jones

I think I now know why dinosaurs became extinct. Too many cappuccinos with whipped cream. This guy still has the foam all over his mouth…

Dennis Jones

,,,he’s actually popping his lips saying, “man that was good!”