Disgruntled Dwarf

March 3, 2009


One of the channels was showing the Lord Of The Rings trilogy again on TV. I saw bits and pieces of it during the weekend and later scribbled out this guy… he’s not a character from the story, I just attribute his creation to the story… or maybe to the pizza I had on Saturday night… hard to know which…

The Comments

Don Jones

I totally relate with this dwarf.

Dan Lietha

Are those goggles on his head or did he have his horns trimmed? 🙂

Doug Jones

Judging from those ears, I think there is some Vulcan in his ancestry…


Digital? I’m guessing so, looking at the way you handled the color in his sleeve. But maybe I’m wrong.

Dennis Jones

…yes, yes and yes… those ARE goggles on his head… apparently big ole coke bottle magnifying lens goggles… he’s part vulcan, and it was rendered digitally…

Doug Jones

Hey… I was just wondering… what do ya think BEN has been doing on the island for 3 years? Hmmmm….

Dennis Jones

…I was wondering where young Ben would be in this whole scenario since regular Ben is over on the other side of the island right now with Locke… by the way, do you know who plays Ben’s dad in LOST? …the same guy that played Uncle Ricco in Napoleon Dynamite! …I hope he makes another appearance on the show, I get a kick out of him…

Doug Jones

well now… THAT ‘splains the time travel thing doesn’t it?