Quick Portrait

March 13, 2008


One of the nicest things about this digital painting stuff is how fast you can crank a color picture out. I had a little bit of time before I headed to church last night and knocked this study out in just under an hour.

The Comments

Doug Jones

is this guy Van Gogh’s brother?

Dennis Jones

…ha …that little sketch is only an inch or two high and I never meant it to be anything more than an experiment, but these things take on a life of their own… (and Brother Jones posting standards are pretty low these days) …he is either Van Gogh’s copycat brother or that cat Peter took a swipe at with a sword…

Jason Bourne

Swizanky! A tough guy who refuses to take “No” for an answer…

Doug Jones

a couple of technical questions… >what dpi are you working in? >are you coloring in RGB mode?


…300 dpi …yes, rgb mode …I tried working in cmyk, but you never know what color you’re going to end up with when you do that… I just switch out of rgb at the end and then pump things back up a with hue/saturation and levels… if it’s for print, that is…

Dennis Jones

…woa …Weaselboy jumped in there and answered that one for me…

Doug Jones

you should just turn over the page to Weaselboy… he has all the answers it seems… you can just go out back and do some much needed sun bathing…

Don Jones

This guy really creeps me out. His eyes… or lack of vision or something.


de gran nivel tu trabajo cada ves las ilustraciones son mejores me despido erik

Jon Slone

Hey Dennis, Do a picture of a guy on a set of drums. Huge set! Or better, homemade drums.

Doug Jones

yeah, Dennis, a huge drum set plus lots of lions and tigers… and someone on a unicycle…

Jason Bourne

And do someone getting eaten by a hamberger.


Or maybe the Blacky Brothers?? John Cougar Mellencat says “hello”