Huntington Monkey Grams

February 15, 2007


…a special delivery Monkey Gram…


…custom made for Valentine’s Day…


…a rigorous marketing campaign…

Have you ever noticed that every time a holiday rolls around you start hearing on the radio that a really great gift would be a Lobster Gram… or a Pajama Gram… or a Vermont Teddy Bear?

I was teasing my wife the other day telling her that with all the snow we had gotten I wasn’t sure whether her Pajama Gram would arrive in time for Valentines Day or not. She said, “Listen buddy, if I get a Pajama Gram for Valentines Day you’re toast.”

Good thing I got her a Huntington Monkey Gram instead.

The Comments


I like those long, skinny arms and legs. SocMo would like for this guy to come over to play with him. You can send him along when you ship those unused chips and salsa to me…

Doug Jones

Hmmm… I seem to be going by the name Dougaloo now… just so you don’t get confused. DON”T send it to any other of those LOO guys…

Dennis Jones

…I have been studying SocMo and trying to figure out what gives him his attitude… I think I got it… it’s the sock hat… my next monkey is gettin’ a sock hat…

Doug Jones

of course it’s the hat! you wouldn’t send a sock monkey out in this weather without a had would ya?

Dennis Jones

…word on the street is Huntington Monkey Grams will soon be offering their “aLOO” line of monkeys which features the DougaLOO Salsa Monkey, the DonaLOO No Coffee Monkey and the beloved original, RobaLOO Snuggle Monkey…

Don Jones

There’s nothing on Valentine’s Day that says “I love you” more than a car load of green wood, some stale chips and salsa, and a handcrafted Huntington Monkey Gram! Good job DennyLOO.

Dennis Jones

…who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive an old sock for a Valentines Day present?

Don Jones

It’s thoughtful AND economical!

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